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This Looks Like A Regular Fork, But This DIY Trick Could Secure Your Home In An Emergency

Using just a fork, he managed to make a secure and reliable makeshift lock. His creation is very useful when wanting to add security in public places that may have broken locks such as motel rooms, public restrooms and dressing rooms.

DIY Printed Vintage Sign Transfer to Washboard for $5 - Tutorial

DIY Printed Vintage Sign Transfer to Washboard for $5 - Tutorial

Today's quiet book is fantastic . It is seriously so cute, so well made, and looks so fun. Made by Marci of the blog If These Walls Could ...

Fantastic camping page - the tent has a zipper, and inside are three little finger puppets in their own sleeping bags, and the stars and moon at the top of the page are on snaps!

creative way to gift cash! I would do this with a 1 dollar bill so when they need money they can tear a few off and  go to the movies or somewhere else.

DIY 2 dollar bill tear-off pad. Amaze your friends and confound sales clerks as you peel bills off the stack, they will have a hard time believing your bundle of bills are the real deal.