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four heart shaped coasters sitting on top of a table next to a cup of coffee
Lovely Little Patchwork Blog Tour & Giveaway!
Today is the last day of the blog tour for my book Lovely Little Patchwork, published by Tuva Publishing ! I'm so honored that so many love...
an image of a person looking through a magnifying glass to see what is inside
1.875.- Sabías cómo ? - Labores en red
a pile of cloths that are sitting on top of each other in different colors
time to sew more napkins
someone is stitching the edge of a piece of fabric
How to Bind a Quilt and Other Quilty Projects...
How to Bind a Quilt and also with ric rac and Other Quilty Projects... Bee In My Bonnet
an umbrella laying on the floor next to a rug
Hanging Quilts
Hanging Quilts -- Anka's Treasurers
a piece of cloth hanging from a hook on a door handle with an ornament attached to it
Revised tip and photo
Stitchin' Therapy: Revised tip and photo
a blue piece of cloth hanging on a wall next to a wooden board with pegs
Modern Mini Quilt Contest - Plan C!
I really like how she did the back for hanging her mini quilt (I generally just wing it with a tube of fabric sandwiched in with the binding to slip a dowel through)
step by step instructions on how to make an origami flowered box with paper
Quilt bindings - super easy fold-over technique!!
a person is sewing something on a piece of fabric
It Really is a Wonder!!!
I promised to show you pictures today of a UFO from last year that I finally got quilted – thanks once again to my friend Joanne who allowed...
three different colored pieces of fabric sitting on top of a white cloth covered tablecloth
Thread Matters: Binding with a Touch (Part 2)
Are you looking for a fun new way to finish up your quilt bindings? Learn how…
closeup of the stitching on an old green piece of cloth that has been sewn
Decorative stitches on binding instead of hand stitching.....great idea and adds interest to quilt!