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two chairs and a table in the middle of a yard with lights strung up on it
a small garden with a white bench in the middle
28 Brilliant Corner Garden Solutions to Revitalize Your Outdoor Space
two wooden chairs sitting on top of a rug in the middle of a garden area
Create a Pebble Mosaic - FineGardening
a man is digging into some rocks with a hammer
Gallery: Garden DIY
Stepping stones
an open gate leading into a garden with flowers and plants in the background, on a cobblestone path
10 DIY garden paths made from upcycled finds
10 DIY garden paths made from upcycled finds – Cottage Life
a small garden with gravel and rocks in the center, along side a wooden fence
45 Gorgeous Pretty Front Yard and Backyard Garden Landscaping Ideas
We will show you some Front Yard, Backyard Ideas and make great Garden and Landscaping for your home. If your yard comes with a garden, you might want to put your fountain in a region where it̵… #GardeningandLandscape
an outdoor patio with stone tiles in the shape of squares and circles on top of it
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Beautiful patio or floor made of stone and pebbles:
a walkway made out of stones and gravel in the middle of a lawn with flowers
7 Classic DIY Garden Walkway Ideas & Projects
Without going into detail, let me point out the drawback of the bottom image: unless you like walking like a model or perhaps like to zig-zag, why would anyone build this as a path to walk on?
the steps are made out of stones and wood
Gorgeous Rock Pathway Ideas
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the steps are made out of stones and flowers
30. Don't be afraid of adding your personal style to your walkways and paths.
many different types of baseball bats laying on the ground
DIY Concrete Cobblestone Path
DIY Concrete Cobblestone Path
small green plants growing between two large rocks
Top 10 Plants and Ground Cover for Your Paths and Walkways
Soleirolia soleirolii (baby tears) Excellent around stepping stones in shady areas. Low growing green foliage. Tolerates foot traffic. Prefers moist or well drained soil. Ht.
a stone path in the middle of a garden
Cool Garden Paths That Are Off The Beaten Path
Railroad Ties Landscaping