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Colorful birds - One of the pretty Roul-roul partridges. Also named Crested Wood Partridge.

Crested wood partridge (Rollulus rouloul) also known as the roul-roul, red-crowned wood partridge, green wood quail or green wood partridge.

Deep Sea Squid. S)

Spirula is the only genus of squid with an internal shell, a relic of their ammonoid ancestors. When spirula die their fragile shells float to the surface and are collected on the beaches as "rams' horn shells." This one is encrusted with barnacles.

living plant sculptures at the montreal botanical gardens

Feeling Sheepish - A detail from the pastoral tableau entitled "The Man Who Planted Trees," an award-winning sculpture exhibit based on Jean Giono's ecological fable displayed in Montreal's 2013 Mosaiculture exhibit.