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Andalsnes, Norway

Åndalsnes is a village in Rauma Municipality, Møre og Romsdal county, Norway. The Rauma name stems from a legendary king of the Raums Dale (now Romsdal), Raum the Old (Old Norse: Raumr inn gamli), who was a son of Nór (Nórr) the founder and first king of

A portable Hard Disk with 3 USB Sticks integrated into it! COOL!

What types of portable hard drives have you seen in the past? You have USB flash drives, portable USB hard drives, and even portable SSD USB drives, but what would be even cooler? Imagine having a portable hard drive that uses three flash drives for

Another pinner said: "And the woods gave her up, after 4 1/2 years."     This picture makes me want to start writing again.

It was a ugly dress had nothing else to wear , I was out nature walking exploring. I didn't know once again we was at one of the placed owned by Phil n Si. All these kids jumped out the weeds tall grass threatening m

The Yukon Canada A winter wonderland March Dog mushing is lots of fun Flying Over the frozen landscape Carcross Winter beach Rug up in front of a fire in a lodge or cosy cabin The Yukon Whitehorse history Captivating landscapes