Boerewors stew

Boerewors stew on pap - gluten free

Lamb and bean soup

This is the food team’s favourite South African soup recipe. It’s a delicious, thick and meaty soup.

Bunny Chow with Lamb or Beef Curry   (This is a popular "street food" here in South Africa)   -  If not using this recipe - Make your own stew, cut a loaf of bread into quarters or halves, hollow out...leaving a thick wall/bottom and scoop in your stew !

Have a taste of Durban with this Free Traditional South African Mutton Curry Bunny Chow. Bunny Chow is hollowed out bread filled with curry.

mielie vetkoek

My friend Sylvia from George gave me this recipe years ago. She was such a wonderful friend to everybody, wherever she went Vetkoek was given as a gesture. When serving me tea or coffee she would never ever have unhealthy treats.

Samp, beans and mealies - a hearty meal

Isophu Yombona - Mealie(corn) and sugar bean soup. A Xhosa favourite especially in the Eastern Cape.

Traditional Sotho cuisine

Typical Xhosa or Zulu dish consisting of samp, rice, beans, pumpkin and cabbage, almost like Umngwusho - South Africa's Traditional African Food

An eclectic mix of Sotho and South African cuisine.

Culture of South Africa - encyclopedia article about Culture of South Africa. =>An array of traditional South African cuisine