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Mark Pilgrim. Johannesburg, South Africa. He has spent over 20 years entertaining millions of listeners on radio. He started his career on 5fm, and then moved onto simultaneously broadcasting on 94.7 Highveld Stereo in Johannesburg and 94.5 Kfm all across the Cape. He is currently a deejay on Johannesburg’s new radio station Hot 91.9FM.

Mark Pilgrim | Elegant Entertainment

Mark Pilgrim on Elegant Entertainment

Lady Lea. Johannesburg, South Africa. DJ ALIAS: Lady Lea MUSIC STYLE: Deep House, Nu­disco, funky house, & tech house The founder of Divas on Decks, Lady Lea is an icon in the local music scene. Passionate about making music, Lady Lea has been in the music and DJ industry for 20 years. Lady Lea, now playing vinyl and usb started DJing at the young age of 14. Since then, Lady Lea has been DJing around the world at various clubs, parties, raves, corporate events, fashion shows, festivals…

Lady Lea | Elegant Entertainment

Lady Lea on Elegant Entertainment

JP Silver. Cape Town, South Africa. JP Silver is a Cape Town based DJ. Although he specializes in Electro Swing these days, JP can cater to most crowds with a variety of genres. His act often includes live instrumentalists, visuals (projected or on screen) and / or dancers (Belly Dancers, Swing or Burlesque).

DJ JP Silver | Elegant Entertainment

DJ JP Silver on Elegant Entertainment

DJ Sharm Pillay. Johannesburg, South Africa. Having always walked to the beat of her own drums, Sharm’s single minded mission is living her Truth with Pure Passion and soul enthused creativity, impacting the world, one frequency at a time. Sharm is South Africa’s 1st Indian (proudly so) Female Techno (EDM) DJ. The World’s her stage.

DJ Sharm Pillay | Elegant Entertainment

DJ Sharm Pillay on Elegant Entertainment

DJ Kevin Jubber. Johannesburg, South Africa. Professional Corporate DJ, MC and Karaoke Host. Kevin has been involved in the entertainment industry all his life and has been running his own event management company for the past 12 years. Before that, he worked as a film producer for Tank Films shooting music video’s for artists such as Danny K, Mandoza, Watershed and The Coca Cola Popstars to name a few.

DJ Kevin Jubber | Elegant Entertainment

DJ Kevin Jubber on Elegant Entertainment

DJ Francois. Johannesburg, South Africa. Busting into the corporate industry with flair and energy, Francois’ forte is the ability to unite an ethnically diverse crowd on the dance floor. He’s be labelled as DJ Lekgowa and has built a good reputation among an audience ranging from CEO’s to blue-collards. He’s performed along artists like Euphonic, Dino Bravo, IanF, Mean Mr Mustard and Tokyo Groove.

DJ Francois | Elegant Entertainment

DJ Francois on Elegant Entertainment

DJ Dino Bravo. Johannesburg, South Africa. Africa has been home to Bravo for quite some time after being raised in Cuba. He then moved to South Africa in the early 90s and has adapted perfectly to the lifestyle and culture that the country is known for. His music inspiration hails from the strong Samba, Latin and African rhythm he is accustomed to and the result of this unique blend is a host of infectious combination’s of musical styles.

DJ Dino Bravo | Elegant Entertainment

DJ Dino Bravo on Elegant Entertainment