Volunteer with Via Volunteers in South Africa and try some Biltong and butternut soup!

Because low-carb is lekke! - Get your meat and veggie fill with this Biltong and butternut soup!

Biltong and basil paté

recipes, biltong, pate, banting - without the crackers

Biltong and parmesan stuffed beef fillet [ NYBiltong.com ] #biltong #recipe #flavor

Biltong & Parmesan stuffed beef fillet

Biltong & parmesan fillet on spiced-plum compote topped with soft egg by Alida Ryder.

Biltong & Cheese Muffins, South African recipe, but substitute biltong for bacon: still yummy!

Biltong & Cheese Muffins

Delicious biltong & cheese muffins to make for kids. Substitute biltong for any cold meat!

Biltong and spicy nut salad

Biltong, spicy nut and avo salad Everyone loves a bit of biltong in their avo & greens salad!

Biltong and roast butternut salad [ NYBiltong.com ] #biltong #recipe #flavor

Biltong and roast butternut salad

Recipe photo: Biltong and roast butternut salad

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