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Eldene O`Brien

Eldene O`Brien
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South African Buttermilk Rusks | dramatic pancake | bring something to the table

A crisp and crunchy South African pick-me-up, similar to a dry granola bar or a crumbly cookie. Perfect for dunking into coffee or tea.

Quick rusk recipe (energy-saving)

We all enjoy a comforting rusk or two with a nice cup of tea or coffee and all the better when they are homemade. These tasty treats are quicker to make than the traditional method, so a batch can.

#Gluten-free #Rusks #recipe

Finding Gluten-free rusks is so difficult and when you find them they are so very expensive. This recipe has been adapted from a Gabi Steen.

Free Baby Crochet Patterns | Baby Girl Irish Rose Headband Crochet Pattern by CNCole87 on Etsy

Hello,I have been searching and have not found free ones, but here is what I have found.Baby Girl Irish Rose Headband Crochet Pattern by on Etsy