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an image of a hand that has words in the middle and two words below it
Stelwerk 1
a quote from poetry at most that reads,'healing is important, but sometimes we don't ourselves heal sometimes we love someone so much
All I can say is wow! I’ll forever be alone, and that’s ok because I had a great run. I loved every moment we spent together. For me it was a little infinity.
wordsworthe and spelling poster on lined paper with pencil in the middle, which is written
an english worksheet for children to learn how to read the words in their own language
four different types of words in french with pictures on the front and back of them
Meervoudreëls Available in Afrikaans only
a red and white polka dot background with the words, bestie yornamword
Besitlike Voornaamwoorde
a pink and white polka dot background with words that read,'werkwoordde lets watt akn doen
a blue and white poster with words in german
a blue and white polka dot background with the words personalize, vornamword
Persoonlike Voornaamwoorde
a computer screen with different colors and font on it
Tuis -
woordsoorte sinonieme voorsetsels selfstandige naamwoord hoezit
the different types of web pages are shown in this poster, which shows how to use them
Tuis -
woordsoorte homonieme werkwoord telwoord lidwoord hoezit