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To help you get a job where you will be browsing Imgur anyway....

Resume Cheat Sheet Andrew's almost done with a complete unit on Employment, which includes an awesome lesson on resume writing. Career work job tips and help

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"Power of contouring. Rarely do i use foundation, I like to let my skin breath! all I need is concealer and bronzer." This answers so much! I didn't know u don't use foundation!

When most girls wear hoodies and messy buns they look amazing. But when I do, I look like I've tried every drug in the world.also, SO not a teenager :-)

Too true

My siblings always laugh at me when I try to tell funny stories because they never sound funny to them

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Mom: Why didn't you eat the rest of your dinner? Me: I'm full Mom: But I made you cookies Me: I have to save some room for dessert. But that's me all the time

Umm... Yeah. Ask anyone... I'm... Pretty darn sarcastic... I even got grounded from it once, to be honest...

I'm Pretty darn sarcastic. wait was i being sarcastic. or was that sarcastic?

Funny pictures about 27 Months. Oh, and cool pics about 27 Months. Also, 27 Months photos.