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a blue flower on a white background with gold accents and an abstract painting style design
Teal Flower Contemporary Wrapped Canvas
a painting hanging on the side of a wall
Hot Glue Gun Art - Spray painted with Metallic Silver, distressed with black…
a colorful dragonfly sitting on top of a piece of paper with watercolor paint
How to Paint with Alcohol Inks, by Wendy Videlock
How to Paint with Alcohol Inks, by Wendy Videlock
an image of two pink flowers with the words happy valentine's day
Aquarelle - Watercolor paintings
Aquarelle - Watercolor paintings #watercolor jd
a watercolor painting of a colorful butterfly
Mariposa Mariana Martinez -
watercolor butterfly | Watercolor butterfly... | Art instruction and tutorials
a painting of a person holding an umbrella
Sunday 1/19/14 at 11am. Canvas and Coffee Coffee And Canvas is that spot where you and your family and friends can discover your inner artist and have fun doing it. You can set back and enjoy a cup of gourmet coffee on us or sip while you create.
three white calla lilies are shown in this digital painting style image with soft, light colors
Igor Levashov [Игорь Левашов] 1964 | Flower painter
Igor Levashov - Born near Moscow in 1964, he entered the School for Young Painters in 1997 and the world-famed Sourykoff Institute in Moscow in 1984. He finished his formal training at the Royal Academy of Modern Art in the Hague in 1996. He discovered his love and passion for flowers. His detailed paintings are done in oil in a one-time-session. They were exhibited at the National State Galleries in Russia; Museum of the Hague, Holland; Private Art Gallery, Athens, Greece
a painting of a colorful hummingbird on a white background
Hummingbird Original Watercolor Painting Bird Art
Hummingbird Original Watercolor Painting Bird by RedbirdCottageArt
an art work is displayed on top of newspapers and paper with watercolor paints
A melted crayon art piece of a sunset on the beach. This one is awesome!
an abstract painting with white flowers and brown leaves on a wooden background, in the style of trees
Another great find on #zulily! Rustic Garden Canvas Art #zulilyfinds
an abstract painting with lots of flowers on it
Reine-Marie Pinchon (France), Artiste Peintre Contemporain | Artmajeur
Reine-Marie Pinchon WATERCOLOR
a painting of a giraffe with colorful paint on it's face and neck
colorful giraffe
an abstract painting with red flowers on it
Mixed media with Poppy on canvas
Mixed media with Poppy, via Flickr.
a piece of art is laying on the floor next to some wood planks and paint
Stormy Seas
Imagine this on an accent wall with minimalist, modern decor!. Chic and Modern! Background texture using tissue paper and distress inks