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Mixed Media with Stamps from Rubber Dance
there are six painted buttons on top of each other
three women standing next to each other wearing dresses and holding their hands on their hips
Que tal um novo ?
three women with long hair and birds on their heads
a girl wearing a crown and holding her arms out in front of the words spread your wings
Take a Word - Zetti
Take a Word: Take a Word - Zetti
four different types of paper with flowers and leaves on them, one is folded over the other
Nature Journaling 101
an altered collage with words and pictures on the side, including two heart shaped balloons
Dina Wakley #ShowUsYourMEdia : April 2018
two women in colorful dresses are dancing under the tree's branches with their arms outstretched
Colorful Women — Beverly Ash Gilbert
a painting of a person holding a large object in front of the sun and stars
Kerry Swan - Paintings for Sale
Kerri McCabe - Paintings for Sale | Artfinder
three women are dancing in front of the moon and tree with their arms stretched out
Gallery of Paintings All Collections — Beverly Ash Gilbert