The Catacombs

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Catacombs of Paris, The underground lake at the Opera Garnier in Paris, the inspiration for Gaston Leroux's Phantom of the Opera. The Catacombs also host an ossuary housing the remains of 6 million people complete with bone lined walls. Oh The Places You'll Go, Places To Travel, Paris Opera House, Opera Garnier Paris, Image Paris, Oh Paris, Belle France, Gaston Leroux, The Catacombs

Rotting International – Palais Garnier, Paris, France

Ah, Paris! The City of Love. Home of the Palais Garnier. The reality that inspired the classic Gothic horror The Phantom of the Opera.

The Catacombs in Alexandria, Egypt.discovered in 1900 when by pure chance, a donkey drawn cart fell into a pit, which led to the discovery.this treasure of the city contains Egyptian as well as Greco-Roman artworks! Ancient Tomb, Ancient Egyptian Art, Ancient Ruins, Ancient Artifacts, Ancient History, Alexandre Le Grand, The Catacombs, Empire Romain, Ancient Art

Alexandria (

Pictures and text illuminating the site of Alexandria

Rome Catacomb of Priscilla is now open. In it you'll find the oldest fresco of the Virgin with baby. The fresco dates to about 250 AD. The Rome catacombs tour is a popular Rome vacation sightseeing highlight. Images Of Mary, Old Images, St Priscilla, Rome Catacombs, Arte Latina, Early Christian, Christian Art, Holy Mary, Fresco

Possibly the Earliest Known Image of the Virgin Mary

Possibly the Earliest Known Image of the Virgin Mary

The Good Shepherd from the Catacomb of Priscilla The Romans were broadly tolerant in matters of religion, funding the maintenance and rest. Early Christian, Christian Art, Tempera, Fresco, Origin Of Christianity, Ap Art History 250, Jesus Reyes, Roman Church, Religion

The Creation of Christian Art: Art of the "Atheists," The First Christian Art

The Good Shepherd from the Catacomb of Priscilla The Romans were broadly tolerant in matters of religion, funding the maintenance and restoration of ancient temples in Egypt and Syria. Egyptian, Syrian, Celtic, and Germanic gods found their way into the Roman pantheon. The Romans never understood the exclusivism of the Jewish religion, but they accommodated it. The Emperor Augustus sent an annual donation to the Jewish temple in Jerusalem. Jews were exempted from certain religious rites…

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Many travellers talk about "getting off the beaten track", but few ever speak of going beneath it

Skulls in the Catacombs of Saint Francis - Lima

Our Visit To Lima, Peru, The City Of Kings

After spending time touring Peru, we returned to the capital of Lima and spent our last day touring the city's old quarter.

Peru is a gem- The catacombs of San Francisco Great Places, Places Ive Been, The Catacombs, Old Cemeteries, Lima Peru, San Fransisco, Peru Travel, Haunted Places, Machu Picchu

The Catacombs of San Francisco, a journey from the depths of the earth

The crypt of San Francisco, which have become famous with the name of catacombs similarity to the Roman, are a series of underground vault...

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The catacombs of St. Callixtus, off the Via Appia, Rome. They originated about the middle of the second century and are part of a cemeterial complex which occupies an area of 90 acres, with a network of galleries about 12 miles long, in four levels, more than twenty meters deep.