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oh-soufflegirl: “ Hey everyone! Here (x) is my note on Genes (it includes Mitosis, Meiosis, and the Cell Life Cycle). If you’re having a hard time reading my handwriting, feel free to send an ask my way! I’ll try my best to respond to any questions.

Ship ref

This is an upgrade to the very popular Neeb Cruiser original. New features 1 Main Hull theme: With a few more new nodes,hull is bit darker and sharper. 2 New set of wings: Total of eight plus top g.

SC 140 Mid Size Yacht by PINARCI on deviantART

Here is 140 feet long ,Sendercorp SC 140 Mid size LightFast Yacht. Blender model Cycles render 45 passes at 2048 x 2048 Model in detail ,[link] SC 140 Mid Size Yacht