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two pictures of the same man and woman, one with white hair and one with blue eyes
I'll pray for you
We’ll be doing this in heaven lol
the poster for jesus'rollin'in with the boys, straight outa capernaum
two people holding up a paper with the words jesus and i am god
Not mine
a collage of photos with the caption jesus one of you will be very me tonight
a dog chasing zebras in a field with the caption if i'm a christian but i don't need the church was a photo
a group of men in suits and ties standing next to each other
a man laying down on some steps with his hand in the air and an open door behind him
some people with different expressions on their faces
two pictures with the same person sitting at a table in front of a cake and candles
two people standing next to each other with the caption pov no one else gets your jokes
This is by far my favorite bible joke yet!