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Growing proteas

Proteas are attractive shrubs originating from South Africa which can be cultivated commercially in Western Australia. The most common proteas belong to the genera Protea, Leucadendron and Leucospermum (pincushion) and Serruria (blushing bride). Protea production in Western Australia began in the mid-1980s and peaked in the mid-1990s. Climate and soils are suited to proteas and plantings are centred around Perth and Busselton. Proteas are grown for the local, export and interstate markets.

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Proteas - the South African national flower - a fantastic, patriotic addition to the garden. However, many Proteas need a little extra attention to detail.

Flores e plantas diferentes I Repinned by I first saw proteas growing naturally in Australia. How wonderful! Until then, I’d only used them very occasionally in making special flower arrangements. Protea Art, Flor Protea, Protea Flower, Amazing Flowers, Beautiful Flowers, Special Flowers, Flower Pictures, Tropical Flowers, Vintage Flowers

Flores e plantas diferentes

jasmim-manga (Plumeria rubra) As esferas vermelhas da flor da mamona (Ricinus communis), flor púrpura da alcachofra (Cynara cardunculus)e alpínia (Alpinia purpurata) flor do alho-poró (Allium porrum) os frutos verdes e inflados das asclépias (Asclepias physocarpa), cachos de amaranto (Amaranthus caudatus), tulipas negras (Bastão-do-Imperador Grenat) e cúrcuma (Curcuma alismatifolia) king protea (Protea cyranoides) Matéria para a Revista Casa Claudia, aqui Fot Evelyn Müller Prod Zizi…

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A Passion for Flowers

For all of us here at Resendiz Brothers Valentine's Day is much more than a one day event. It usually begins about now, and last for two weeks. It feels like you have become part of a endless sea of flowers and foliage, where everyday gorgeous flowers are harvested, packed up, shipped out and more continue to flow in. For two weeks you not only enjoy beautiful flowers, you become a part of them! Leucadendron and Waxflower Assorted Protea Leucadendron, Berzelia and Australian Pine…