Hora de Aventura/ Fionna & Cake !

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a man standing next to a wall with a guitar in his hand and an image of himself on the wall behind him
🦇Marshall Lee fans wake up
Marshall Lee, Adventure Time, Fiona and cake, Cosplay, Cosplayer, Animation, PFP
a cartoon character playing an electric guitar
So I saw a comment that said: ‘Someone edit a guitar over this’ so I obliged.
a woman with pink hair and black leather jacket standing next to another woman in front of her
Marshall Lee and Gary Prince Collaboration with liquor_1917 on VK My tgc — @ekvsgarbage
an image of a cartoon character that appears to be the devil
Petrigrof, Basically.
I just made this with my finger on my phone because I couldn’t sleep till I did so. A rendition of the classic “Virgin vs Chad” meme with Simon Petrikov as the Virgin (Labeled “The Virgin Petrikov”)and Betty Grof, aka GOLBetty as the Chad (Labeled “The Chad GOLBetty”)
a cartoon man is standing in front of a speech bubble that says i feel so simon
an animated image of a woman with white hair wearing a blue suit and red tie
he’s so silly (he is literally insane.)