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The Basics of Good Proofreading

After you finish writing something, do you read it over? Hopefully yes, but reading is not proofreading. The process of reading for enjoyment or information…

Relative size Traveller ships

Traveller Starship Size Comparison by *Arcas-Art on deviantART - loved playing Traveller!

Interstellar, Battleship, Habitats, Nelson, Recycling, Universe, Screens

Actual Island

Ball's Pyramid in the Tasman sea is located 19 kilometers from Lord Howe Island east of Australia.

--Possible UI ideas for us?--Conceptual user Interfaces & experience constructs of the future, scifi or film vfx

The Martian Andy Weir. The Watney Traverse

“ 'Watney Traverse' map using info from 'The Martian' by Andy Weir and public data. ” [Spoiler alert in close-up]