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the roadmap info graphic is shown with different colors
Roadmap Infographic
This roadmap sample features a winding road with five signs posted along the side, each representing a different location or project. It provides a visual representation of a journey, outlining the various stages and milestones along the way. The signs with editable texts serve as indicators of important landmarks or destinations.
a map showing the location of melli's clothing line, including shops and restaurants
Clothing Line Location Map
This is a stylized location map for MEILI Clothing Line situated in Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines. The map uses symbols and a simple layout to show the clothing line's position in relation to significant landmarks and establishments. It helps in visualizing the geographical context of the business and its surrounding infrastructure, which can be essential for marketing materials, customer convenience, and business visibility.
an image of a city with buildings and trees on the street, in low polygonal style
Town Map
Here is an isometric view of a small town layout, showcasing various buildings and amenities. The central focus is a road intersection that connects different parts of the town, with vehicles depicted on the roads, indicating movement and connectivity. The town also includes a series of residential townhouses, a fire station marked by a fire truck, and commercial buildings, hinting at a well-rounded community infrastructure.
the map shows where to go and what to do in this area, including an airport
Company Directional Map
This map provides a clear and straightforward guide to a local area, highlighting key landmarks and businesses to assist visitors and locals in navigating the vicinity. Notable locations include Melaka Airport, a flying academy, and Green Apple Laundry, alongside educational facilities like S.J.K(C) Chabao, and a mall called Live Mall 123. It serves as an essential tool for first-time visitors or new residents in the area.
a map of the city of magnamaki
City Map of Magnolia
This illustrated map provides a detailed layout of The City of Magnolia, showcasing the city's infrastructure with clearly marked streets and icons for essential services and amenities. The map includes various public service buildings and commercial establishments, which are integral to city life, such as the police station, post office, bank, and school. The inclusion of traffic signals and stop signs helps with navigation and urban planning.
the floor plan of a living room and dining area in a small house or apartment
One Bedroom House Design
Here is a one bedroom house design. It shows the different rooms, their sizes and positions relative to each other, as well as the location of doors, windows and the arrangement of furniture. Use EdrawMax to create your own ideal house plan and choose attractive symbols and clip arts to customize your work with ease.
an illustration of a city with buildings, roads and cars on the streets in different directions
Isometric City map
Here is an example for 3D directional map. It presents the location of various landmarks of a block, such as the market, bank, motel, park, all rendered in 3D. Users can use the map to view different areas of the city from different angles and distances.
a map showing the location of different buildings and locations for each building in which there is a red marker
Location Map
Here is a location map sample. It indicates your current location, and displays the layout of streets and highways, including intersections and traffic patterns as well as the local landmarks. The goal of such a map is to assist your visitors in locating you. Create directional maps quickly using online editable templates and graphics collections.
the seating map for the football game at sun life stadium in tampa, fla
Raymond James Stadium Seating Chart
Here is a seating plan for Raymond James Stadium. It typically includes rows and columns of seats, with numbers or letters assigned to each seat for identification purposes. Check this template to know more details or learn more from EdrawMax templates gallery.
an overhead view of a city intersection with cars and trucks on the road, trees and buildings in the background
Vicinity Map Template
A vicinity map is a type of map that shows the location of a specific site or area in relation to its surrounding environment. Here is a sample. It provides a visual representation of the nearby landmarks, streets, transportation routes, and other key features that are within a certain distance from the site. Vicinity maps are commonly used in urban planning, real estate development, and marketing to provide a quick overview of the area surrounding a property or project.
an image of a computer game map with buildings and trees in the middle, on a white background
TSF Evacuation Layout
This is an evacuation plan for school. It shows the layout of the entire areas, the designated evacuation routes and assembly points outside the building. A well -designed evacuation plan can help to minimize harm to people and property by getting everyone to safety as quickly as possible. Try to use EdrawMax to create an evacuation plan and choose attractive symbols and clip arts to customize your work with ease.
the floor plan for an office building with several tables and chairs on each side of the room
Floor for Corporate Use
Here is an example for office layout. It displays rows of cubicles for employees and meeting rooms for discussion and team cooperation. Check this template to know more details or learn more from EdrawMax templates gallery. You can use EdrawMax to create your own office floor plan and choose attractive symbols and clip arts to customize your work with ease.
a floor plan for a conference room with seating areas and an area to sit at
Class Room Layout Management
This template provides a clear and detailed overview of the classroom. It displays the arrangement of teacher's desk, group tables, smart board and other learning resources. A well-designed diagram can serve as an essential tool for planning, organizing, and managing the classroom environment effectively. Use EdrawMax to create your own ideal classroom layout and choose attractive symbols and clip arts to customize your work with ease
a diagram showing the different levels of each building
House of Quality
The House of Quality is the first chart used in Quality Function Deployment to design an improvement for a product or a service. Here is an example. This chart consists of rows and columns, where each row represents a kind of quality characteristics, and each column represents a specific customer's requirement. It provides a high-level overview of the system structure and helps everyone involved to understand the various components and their interactions.