10 Great and Clever Bathroom Decorating ideas | Diy & Crafts Ideas Magazine

10 Great and Clever Bathroom Decorating ideas

This is a great infographic about how to break bad habits, create good habits, and even control our emotions -- Rewiring The Brain

An Infographic To Tell You How Your Brain Works And How To Train It

Rewiring The Brain - We do control how well we Understand! The Brain is Elastic, Grow and improve mentally with hypnotherapy

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Here are 11 simple tips in this awesome infographic (Source: Onstride) to help you set yourself up for restful sleep. PLUS click through for my most effective strategy for getting good sleep (dealing with a big root cause behind sleep prob

Digital health and wellness is being smart when you use technology. There are risks and effects being online to often. So try not to use too much time texting, playing video games, going on facebook, and several other things online.

Funny pictures about How to sit in front of the computer. Oh, and cool pics about How to sit in front of the computer. Also, How to sit in front of the computer.

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e strive to keep our business model sleek with a low overhead and less support staff to provide longer patient appointments and more access to medical providers for our patients

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Healthy Vision in the workplace Infographics Healthy Eyesight Healthy Work Lifestyle

Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD):  FACTS & PREVENTION TIPS #EyeHealth

February has been designated Age Related Macular Degeneration Month. AMD is the leading cause of vision loss in the US. It destroys the macular, which is the

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A reminder on how big #healthcare really is :: #hcsm #hcmktg #hcmkg

Is Huge. CompTIA shows the healthcare sector employes more than 17 million workers. Total healthcare spending in 2011 was trillion dollars - single largest component of US budget. 9 out of 10 doctors see technology as key to practice future

Mobile Health Technologies

Americans' appetite for mobile health technologies is increasing annually, with many using an app to track fitness and health goals. Healthcare providers utilize apps that offer the ability to diagnose and treat patients almost anywhere.

Eww! Is your filthy desk making you sick? [infographic]

Office Hygiene Facts: You will be amazed by the magnitude of germ armies lurking for a hole in your immune system. 5 basic hygiene rules are suggested to help you stay intact.