Healthy digital habits

Keeping everything balanced. Too much of a good thing can turn bad without even noticing. Stay Healthy!
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Avoid eye strain on the computer! These tips will help save your eyes.

These Tips Help Relieve Digital Eye Strain

How #SocialMedia Is Affecting Our Mental Health - #Infographic

Screen Time Photo

Screen Time for Kids: 10 Ways to Find a Healthy Balance

10 ways to limit a healthy amount of screen time for your kids. (the other uses the word "create" but I think the word "limit" is better)

Siteopia’s Online Activity Report 2013 Infographic <<< repinned by

Paints and interesting picture - data is from the UK; I wonder if the info is any different for the US? Generation of Internet Addicts Infographic

Avoiding "text neck" #neckpain

Rheumatoid Arthritis Treated With Alternative Medicine

How to sit correctly infront of the computer- an infographic