beach house in South Africa

Someday this would be a perfect outdoor beach house space.This beach house in South Africa is a destination must for Blyth Ettiene

what really happens in the Karoo :)!!! daai lang uitgestrekte pad!!! RUIMTE, VERTE, SPASIE!!

We are the sheep on the road for life. And look at how happy it makes us sheep!

Beautiful Karoo home - Tuis magazine

Beautiful Karoo home - Home magazine, the owner calls it "the gentle house"

Series II Expedition Tent

Series Ii Expedition Tent

Redverz Gear - Being able to effectively shield a motorcycle during rainfall is no easy task, especially during a camping trip, but the Series II Expedition Tent .

Lion's Head, Cape Town, South Africa.

Lion's Head is a mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, with a lion`s-head-shaped top at 669 metres, which offers spectacular view.

that's a picnic I would love to attend...

this looks like a glamping picnic . French market baskets can even be found at TJ Maxx