SmartTouch Inhaler Monitor Helps Keep A Record Of Use By Edwin Kee on 06/04/2014

SmartTouch Inhaler Monitor Helps Keep A Record Of Use

SleepShirt. Contains 2  thin-film respiration sensors that measure the movement of the shirt and body throughout the night for detection of #sleep #apnea. From Rest Devices,

The Rest Devices SleepShirt is a new way to record and diagnose sleep for long periods in the comfort of your own home.

Mobile Health Technologies

Americans' appetite for mobile health technologies is increasing annually, with many using an app to track fitness and health goals. Healthcare providers utilize apps that offer the ability to diagnose and treat patients almost anywhere.

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Polar M600 Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Smart Watch

Polar M600 Strapless GPS Heart Rate Monitor Smart Watch

Looking for the latest waterproof sport smart watch with wrist based heart rate monitoring? Look no further, the new Polar is the answer. Identify excellent coaching practice and enhance your ski

Every story can change a life. Growing up isn't easy. Many young people face daily tormenting and bullying, making them feel like they have nowhere to turn. This is especially true for LGBT kids and teens who often hide their sexuality for fear of being bullied. Without other openly gay adults and mentors in their lives, they can't imagine what their future may hold. In many instances, gay and lesbian adolescents are taunted-even tortured-simply for being themselves...

It gets better : coming out, overcoming bullying, and creating a life worth living edited by Dan Savage and Terry Miller