Chappies bubblegum | Iconic South African brand #projectza #capetown #southafrica

Chappies Bubblegum, gives you flavour by the ton, lots of colours to choose from.

Only in Africa! (only in africa, funny africa) - ODDEE

Only in Africa

Check out these 20 pictures of funny signs from around the world, some are mistakes and some are designed to make us laugh.

Both now gone - but never forgotten

On a beach in South Africa.  I feel the exclamation point is a bit redundant.

Australia is scary huh? This is on a beach in South Africa.

sign on Jabula beach South Africa pretty much sums up what my parents relied to me about life.

#Springbok shots!

Springbokkies are a traditional drink in South Africa made of layered peppermint liqueur and creamy Amarula.