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an abstract painting with the words, first i want to do something right now on it
Addicted to Gelli? yep....
Addicted to Gelli? yep.... The Gelli Plate that is! If you don't already have one you must treat yourself to one of these amazing art printing plates! These beautiful prints can be made into cards, used as art journal backgrounds, or simply framed as is! For more info about the Gelli Plate check out their Youtube channel. I have more projects to post, they'll be coming soon!
an open notebook with colorful designs on it
10 Awesome Gelli Printing Videos -
10 Best Gelli Printing Videos! Stamping with Gelli Plates Gelli Arts, the makers of the Gelli Plate, produce great videos. Two of my favorites demonstrate how to stamp with their plates. Gelli Stamping Layered Circles uses 3 sizes of the round gelli plates together with stencils and texture tools to create a colorful, layered journal page. Stamping with Gelli uses the smaller 5″ x 7″ and 3″ x 5″ plates as stamps to make some fun patchwork journal pages.
two hands are holding a purple and white object in front of a green box on the floor
Printmaking with Small Gelli Arts® Plates!
Printmaking with Small Gelli™ Plates!
some crafting supplies are sitting on a table with paper cutouts and glues
Printing Projects
Printing with Gelli Arts®: Dropshadow Technique with Gelli® Plates & ScanNCut Stencils & Masks!
cell phone printing on brown bags with text overlay that reads gelli printing on brown bags
Gelli Printing on Brown Bags
A Gelli Plate® and stencils make plain brown bags colorful goodie bags
the instructions for how to make paper art with colored pencils and crayons
Start A Fire
Gelli® Printing with Folded Paper!! Such cool effects can be achieved in Gelli® printing using a simple piece of folded paper. Check out this step by step tutorial and video tutorial on the blog!
a person holding a black object in their right hand and pointing it at something on the wall
Having fun with Gelli Prints
I can't wait to try some of these different techniques this weekend Having fun with Gelli Prints
the words geli printing with liquid masking are in black and white on a pink background
Gelli Arts® Printing with Masking Fluid!
Gelli Printing with Masking Fluid! - Masking fluid provides unique and creative possibilities for Gelli printing. Watch this video to see how it works!
a blue and yellow swirled cake sitting on top of a pan covered in icing
Marbling on the Gelli Plate
Marbling on the Gelli Plate - Artist, Sydney Australia This technique is fun and unpredictable, and I'm very happy with the finished prints. The paper has drips around the edges but the prints will be great for collage, card-making, or just trim the edges and frame as they are.
a person is using a rubber stamp on a piece of wood
Gelli Plate Fun
Gelli Plate Fun - she uses stamps, strips of paper, stencils. I like the way she uses the 6x6 stencils.
someone is peeling the paper on top of a piece of construction material that has been taped to it
Gelli Arts
Gelli printing with molding paste texture. Gelli Arts - YouTube
geli printing plate with six different colors and designs on it's side, including four
Printing Projects
New Gelli Arts Blog: Video Tutorial and Giveaway! Our fabulous prize package includes: One (1) 6x6 Gelli Printing Plate Three (3) 6x6 stencils by StencilGirl AND six (6) bottles of Distress Stain by Ranger! One lucky winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday - April 22nd and announced here on the blog — and on our Facebook page.
an abstract painting with circles and designs on blue, yellow and black paper in the center
Holiday Card Procrastination - Ursula's Digital Mixed Media
Medallion Gelli Arts monoprint blue - I have tried to figure out how this was done; today I saw this again and was able to go to her page. The gold is the real gelli print; she then scanned and photoshopped it to look like this. Love it.
many different colored papers are lined up on a white surface and each has been painted with different colors
Stay ahead of the curve with Feedly AI
Gelli Prints! I soooo want to learn to do this!
a sign that says how to use a stencil on a geli plate
Monoprints with Stencils Tutorial
Monoprints with Stencils Tutorial - Marjie Kemper - Art Journal