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Resume Cheat Sheet Andrew's almost done with a complete unit on Employment, which includes an awesome lesson on resume writing. Career work job tips and help


Shin splints :( Make things better once and for all! Strengthening and info.

What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You About Runners Knee And Chronic Knee Pain (And The 5 Keys to Fixing It)

For years and years I had chronic knee pain and runners knee – even though I wasn’t a runner. I didn’t run long distances. I wasn’t overweight.

Standing IT Band Stretch

Stand with legs together and back straight, arms at your side. Step your right leg behind your left leg, making sure both feet point forward. Put your arms on your hips. Slowly push your hips toward the right, so you are making a "C" curve

20 Best Low Carb and or Paleo Recipes - I Breathe Im Hungry

Zucchini Pizza Boats - My entire family LOVED these (picky eaters included)! Healthier than pizza, so easy to make and completely delicious! A regular for sure. Use salsa instead and different meat

Best books for the New Year

Looking forward to a great Check out this list of the 12 Best Books for the New Year to help you become a stronger, happier and healthier you


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