Virginia Biddle  Actress and Ziegfeld Follies dancer. Photo taken by the great Ziegfeld Follies photographer Alfred Cheney Johnston.

Virginia Biddle, 1927 - Alfred Cheney Johnston - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

1890s Paris.  Les cabarets du Ciel et l'Enfer, boulevard de Clichy

The awesomely insane Heaven and Hell nightclubs of Paris Cabaret de l'Enfer ("The Cabaret of the Inferno") and Cabaret du Ciel ("The Cabaret of the Sky"), Boulevard de Clichy, Montmartre Paris.


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Joel Grey, Cabaret

Master of Ceremonies (The Emcee) in Kander & Ebb’s Cabaret musical as played by Joel Grey in both the Broadway musical and film productions, set during the Weimar Republic in Berlin under the cloud of the rise of Nazism.


robertocustodioart: Caroline Trentini by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello, Numéro - April 2006

Margo Lion (with Wilhelm Bendow on the right) in “Was Ihr wollt, Nachrevue in Neunzehn Bildern” Berlin, 1927

@ Camille Clark -Cabaret performers Margo Lion and Wilhelm Bendow, Berlin, 1927


"Vintage": "Young Man in Drag. Cabaret Image, German RPPC, circa - "It does not look very strange because female impersonation was popular in those years.

Madge Bellamy, 1920s (life is a Cabaret, old chum)

Madge Bellamy, silent film actress who's career began to decline when "talkies" came about and then ended when she tried to shoot a boyfriend who had promised to marry her when his divorce was finalized. He married someone else instead, infuriating her.