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Hugh Grant / Actor / Black & White Photography by Gordon Parks

Led Zeppelin Southampton University 1971 Music Poster 24x33

Led Zeppelin Southampton University 1971 Poster 24x33

Get up-close-and-personal with Led Zeppelin with this rare poster of them playing an intimate live show at Southampton University in March of Ships fast.

Charlotte Rampling

Whistles Muse: As one of the first women to successfully tackle a tuxedo, Charlotte Rampling is famed just as much for her enigmatic on-screen performances as for her quintessential wardrobe.


Morrissey wearing a New York Dolls t-shirt -- photo by Jo Novark.

I'll ride his Peace Train any time, yea Cat Stevens!

Cat Stevens aka Yusuf Islam -- Just saw him on TV performing live. He still sounds amazing!

Before 50 Shades there was this film: "The Night Porter" (1974). Charlotte Rampling and Dirk Bogarde. Better writing to be sure...

Charlotte Rampling has famously played a Nazi sex kitten and been condemned by the Pope. So what is it she doesn't want us to know?

The Night Porter - Dirk Bogarde and Charlotte Rampling - directed by Liliana Cavani - 1974

Sean Connery y Kim Basinger en “Nunca Digas Nunca Jamás” (Never Say Never Again), 1983

Sean Connery Kim Basinger “Nunca Digas Nunca Jamás” (Never Say Never Again), 1983

"Elizabeth in 1954 by Sanford Roth" Garth, A. (2011, May 12). Elizabeth in 1954 by Sanford Roth. Retrieved October 12, 2017, from

Lovely as always --Elizabeth Taylor! :: Elizabeth Taylor:: Polka Dot Dress:: Old Hollywood:: Liz Taylor

Morrissey and flowers go together like strawberries and chocolate

“Why do I hold flowers? I think flowers are very beautiful things. They’re very nice and innocent things. They don’t harm anybody. They don’t burp. They don’t do anything ugly. It’s better than waving socks about.