50 Ways Your Home Could Save The Earth: Apart from the suggestion to use the microwave for more cooking, these are excellent tips!

50 Cost-Efficient Ways To Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

50 Energy Efficient Mindfulness Tips for Your Home Personal Life: I partake in many of these different ways to be sustainable on a daily basis.

What is the impact of our plastic use on the ocean's animal life? A new infographic from Project AWARE sheds a bit of light on the sheer scale of the problem, and the incredible number of animals affected by our plastic problem. Project AWARE states that as much as 6 million tons of disposable goods enter the ocean every year, and that the animals that live in the water are greatly affected.

Infographic: The Unbelievable Scale of Marine Trash

Earth: ~ Infographic: The Ugly Journey of Our Trash details the unbelievable scale of marine garbage, which is turning our oceans into "plastic soup." Reduce, reuse, and recycle!

25 years of ocean debris collected -- cigarette butts top the list!

In Honor of World Oceans Day: Infographics that Explore the Deep Blue Sea

Great info. Just do it! It will make a difference. Great sustainability bulletin board!

Recycling: The who, what, when, where and why

How much impact does one person have on the environment? Check out these surprising facts on what resources we use during our lifetime.

Showing older century students how much they impact the environment throughout their lifetime. Discussions would be around sustainability, managing resources for conserving future generations, and taking action in their own lives (Mackenzie & Edwards

Another plastic bottle tops wave curtain (",)

22 Creative Ideas to Reuse and Recycle Bottle Caps for Beautiful Home Decorating and Eco Gifts

Recycled Plastic bottle caps into a bead curtain. LOTS of bottle caps, but Doesn't that look pretty!

How much do we really #recycle? http://calgary.isgreen.ca/

How much we recycle infographic. "Glass can be recycled many times without losing its purity." I wonder how many times plastic can be.

Trash - How Long It Really Lasts  Infographic

Find out how long trash really lasts after it gets thrown away. These statistics will open your eyes to the reality of how long trash sticks around.

Brand-New Campaign by Zady Aims to Re-Envision the Future of Fashion – Find Out How You Can, Too

Fashion is the 2nd Largest Water Polluter in the World! How to Reduce Your Clothing Footprint

Inspiration: Brand-New Campaign by Zady Aims to Re-Envision the Future of Fashion – Find Out How You Can, Too

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