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a person holding a sandwich in their hand and a cow standing on the other side
Marketing and Advertising Agency | Sullivan Higdon & Sink
This ad is giving you another thought about where your food comes from, do you really wanna think about this picture before eating a massive burger though…?
two different images with the same image as well as an advertisement for sauce and ketchup
advertising set | Tabasco — Explode Your Senses
an aerial view of two cars driving down a road with the bmw logo on it
BMW Lane Assist
BMW Lane Assist by emre gologlu, via Behance
an image of two people kissing each other in front of mountains and the sky with clouds
Security Check Required
Bose: Street Quiet Comfort 25. Noise Cancelling Headphones. Advertising Agency: Medina Turgul DDB, Istanbul, Turkey
Bose: Street, Office • Ads of the World™ | Part of The Clio Network
Bose: Street Quiet Comfort 25. Noise Cancelling Headphones. Advertising Agency: Medina Turgul DDB, Istanbul, Turkey
a man in wrestling gear holding a purple bag
Funny Honda Ads Show Us Why We Should Always Use Original Parts
Honda - Genuine parts & service
an image of two musical instruments with music notes
Buenos días chicos comparto con ustedes esta campaña para promocionar un potente sonido
an empty bottle with a goldfish in it hanging from a string on a blue background
Durex Get it on.
Durex Get it on. by Khalil Elshorbagy, via Behance >> awesome concept
a pink tube with a butterfly on it and the words more control written in white
In this site I found a lot of very good images of ads for condoms and some ads show the consequences of not using a condom which is kids!
a bottle of ketchup next to a statue of liberty on a red background
heinz hot ketchup ad
Heinz Ketchup Dressing Ad
a large group of men's heads with different types of mustaches on them
DesignTAXI Community: Creative Connections, Conversations and Collaborations
Creative Ads Urge Men To Break Free From Their Grooming Routines -
two texts that are in the same language
Les 10 prints les plus brillants et créatifs du lundi ! #80
an advertisement with sandwiches stacked on top of each other
Dairy Farmers of Quebec
Dairy Farmers of Quebec More
a hand reaching for an orange on top of spirals
Durex ad
two men in black jackets are holding a red and pink object on the ground while standing next to each other
Pub Kiosque Info Sida #advertising #sida #aids