In Digital World, the Allure of Simple Games

Collection by 2.8|dueeotto

In this Sunday, May 2015 photo, a girl holds an umbrella as she skips rope during a rain shower at a park in Beijing.

In this Monday, July 2015 photo, a child pushes a friend in a home-made go-kart in the Khayelitsha township near Cape Town, South Africa. The vehicle was built with recycled wood, plastic containers and old nails.

In this Tuesday, July 2015 photo, people play blackjack in a pool at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

In a simpler time, all a child or an adult needed to enjoy the outdoors was a ball and a stick. Or maybe an old tire tied to a high branch to fashion a swing. And the only instruction given to children was to be home before dark.

In this Wednesday, July 2015 photo, a boy arranges disks for a game of carrom during break time at a school in Kathmandu, Nepal.

India News: A Union government-backed survey has revealed a disturbing trend: in the six years since the Right to Education Act, around 60 lakh children between a