Avoid eye strain on the computer!  These tips will help save your eyes.

These Tips Help Relieve Digital Eye Strain

Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen

Here is the 2011 "Dirty Dozen" list for fruits/veggies containing the most pesticides, and the "Clean for the least. If you can't buy organic for all your needs, at least try to buy organic from the "Dirty Dozen"

prevent or lower hypertension

Portion Distortion Quiz Knowing portion sizes is just as important as knowing how many portions to eat. Are you suffering from a little portion distortion or are you portion savvy?

Brain threats - brain protectors

Brain-friendly food: Fargo native's book tackles Alzheimer’s

Complete Idiot's Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition -- Buy It Now!

First, let’s get something straight -- this is not a book just for beginners or “idiots.” This is the healthy vegan diet made easy, for everyone.

A Fast Way to Health -- Water-only Fasting

Fasting to achieve physical and psychological health benefits has been practiced for thousands of years. However, until recently, scientists had not systematically evaluated its effectiveness.