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an empty room with shelves and pipes on the wall
Stained wood and dark metal pipes... Closet
a bed sitting in a bedroom next to a wooden table and wall mounted light fixture
Guest Cottage Room Reveal {in an Old Farmhouse Shed}
An old shed becomes a Farmhouse Style Guest Room, with a little Industrial Flair! See how we did it a Knick of Time | #KnickofTime #farmouse #sheshed
two beds in a room with blue carpet and white walls, one has a teddy bear on the bed
Muse Interiors
Cute for a coastal home!
two metal shelves are on the wall next to each other in an empty room with wood flooring
Vintage-inspired office accessories for the well-appointed desk. Calendars, pencil cups, and writing implements await your most inspiring space. #deskdecor #deskideas
a desk made out of pallet wood with a laptop on it
Unique and Elegant DIY Pallet Project Ideas | Dearlinks IDeas
Create this rustic office workstation with the pallets. Buying expensive office furniture could be so overwhelming for your pocket. Don’t worry at all, create this innovative workstation with the remodeled pallet woods.
the diy double bypass closet doors are made from wood planks and metal hardware
DIY Double Bypass Closet Doors
Space is a hot commodity at our house! I love this room. , and the only problem with this room was the lack of a true closet. The only closet space in the room is a very small hot water heater closet that I was able to squeeze a few poles in. I realized that if I pulled that built-in bed out, it would give me the perfect space to put an over 6ft long closet with bypass doors. So, I got to work, and here is the outcome! Check out her new closet with double bypass sliding doors!
an antelope head mounted to the side of a wall next to some shelves
How to Build Plumbing Pipe Shelves
I leveled a 10 foot “cleat”, made from a 1X4, across the back wall……again, I attached it with
a bookshelf filled with lots of books and pictures
How to Build Plumbing Pipe Shelves
Our Finished Plumbing Pipe Shelves in the Living Room
a metal shelf with several shelves on it next to a white brick wall and sheepskin rug
Cherine lichtgrijs gewassen teruggewonnen steigerplank en - Etsy Nederland
Cherine Pale Grey gewassen teruggewonnen door UrbanGrainInteriors
an industrial style clothing rack with clothes hanging on it's sides and drawers underneath
an image of a shelf with measurements for shelving units and shelves on the wall
Homemade Home: Great DIY Projects for Bedrooms from Our Tours
the instructions for how to use pipe shelf
Simple and Sturdy Wall Shelves
Make your own DIY industrial shelving and then tap your way thru more how-tos at