Happy birthday

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a slice of chocolate cake on a plate with raspberries and strawberries next to it
Chocolate Raspberry Cake
a large chocolate cake with strawberries on top is cut into four pieces to show the layers
a chocolate cake with strawberries and candy on top
a chocolate cake sitting on top of a white table
a birthday cake with white frosting and chocolate toppings on it's top
Pin by Marketa Cornwell-Menclova on Recepty | Easy cake decorating, Simple cake designs, Chocolate cake designs
a birthday cake with lit candles on it and confetti sprinkles
Beautiful Birthday Cake
a birthday cake with candles on it surrounded by red roses and chocolates in front of balloons
Celebratory Birthday Cake with Roses and Chocolates
a birthday cake with strawberries and chocolate icing, surrounded by red roses and balloons
a birthday cake with lit candles on it and gold ribbon around the edges, surrounded by golden streamers
a white cake with pink and purple flowers on it
many different types of cakes with fruit on them