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two people with matching tattoos on their arms, one has the word's motto
Stoic Tattoos
a woman's wrist tattoo with the word amr fati written on it
“Amor Fati”
a shirtless man with tattoos on his chest
Top 100 Best Sleeve Tattoos For Men: Cool Design Ideas & inspirations | Improb
a drawing of a pair of scissors on a white background
Photo (A well traveled woman)
a person with a flower tattoo on their arm
a black and white rose tattoo on the arm
a man with a flower tattoo on his arm
a person with flowers on their legs and one leg has a flower tattoo on it
a black and white photo of a rose tattoo on the back of a woman's shoulder
a man with a tattoo on his arm is holding out his hand to the camera
a woman's arm with flowers and leaves on the left side of her body