Best Safari Tips for Kenya

Kenya Safari and Travel Tips

Kenya travel tips we have put together after our Kenya trip. A visit to the Elephant Orphanage in Nairobi and Ithumba, camping in the Masai Mara.

Karoo, South Africa

Whose house is this, all here in the Northwest? :: Free State Farmhouse - South Africa by South African Tourism

Middelburg-Kaap....SOUTH AFRICA - These two koppies are known as Teebus and Koffiebus (Tea caddy and coffee caddy).

Photo by Rob Southey Photography. Climax Windmill in full sun, captured one winters morning in the Great Karoo, a thin layer of cloud diffuses the warm light after sunrise.


Miles and miles of sweet blow all or so it seems if you disregard the vignettes of incredible scenery and the bossies (bushes) and birds . that's the South African Karoo

VISI / Articles / Sumien's escape to the country - Karoo living near Prins Albert, South Africa.

Our winter VISI 67 features 80 pages of divine out-of-town hideaways - the breathtaking views, toasty fireplaces, decadent baths and snuggly beds. Here VISI content director Sumien Brink shows us what escaping to the country means to her.

Die bekoorlike kerk is aan die voet van die Sneeuberge in Nieu-Bethesda gebou. Foto: Ian White (Flickr)

Elke dorp het ‘n hoender wat ‘n eier nie kan lê …

A church in Nieu-Bethesda in the Karoo.

Karoo Sky.

Cara mailed me way back in 2010 to ask if I would shoot their wedding in the Karoo.