South African Fynbos Floral Kingdom

Collection by Dreams Accommodation, South Africa

Dreams Accommodation, South Africa
Indigenous Fynbos - just enjoy the beauty while staying at Dreams. African, Dreams, Floral, Plants, Beauty, Florals, Planters, Beauty Illustration, Flower

In the garden of Dreams/ Pringle Bay. Daydream, Art Reference, African, Dreams, Floral, Garden, Plants, Photos, Garten

Enjoy the Fynbos in Pringle Bay while you stay at Dreams! South Africa, Birth, African, Dreams, Jewels, Floral, Holiday, Vacations, Bijoux

Beauty!!! Kogelberg Biosphere and Pringle Bay is the place to discover the nature! Why dont you stay at Dreams?

Just so Beautiful! Butterfly and Flower Daydream, Butterfly, African, Dreams, Animal, Nature, Flowers, Plants, Life

Don't miss out on the beautiful Pringle Bay Daydream, African, Floral, Plants, Beautiful, Florals, Planters, Flower, Plant

Discover the Fynbos everywhere! African, Floral, Plants, Florals, Planters, Flower, Plant, Planting, Flowers

Some of the fynbos growing in the 18 000 hectares of Kogelberg Biosphere in Overberg, 1 h drive from Cape Town. Afrikaans, Cape Town, Floral, Plants, Florals, Planters, Afrikaans Language, Flower, Plant
AfrikaansCape TownFloralPlantersPlant

This is as beautiful as anything can get! And yet there is thousands of them all unique and stunning! Discover it and marvel at it. These photographed close to Pringle Bay, 1 h drive from Cape Town. Cape Town, African, Marvel, Unique, Floral, Plants, Beautiful, Florals, Planters
Cape TownFloralBeautifulPlanters

Experience the beauty of the unique fynbos. Visit the Pringle Bay/Bettys Bay area in Overberg, along the Whale Coast. Only 1 h drive from Cape Town. Cape Town, Bay Area, Whale, Coast, African, Unique, Floral, Plants, Beauty
Cape TownFloralBeauty