Lynri Van Niekerk

Lynri Van Niekerk

Lynri Van Niekerk
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never realized how cute hedgehogs are!

Hoax: This cute smiling hedgehog, often presented online as the “happiest hedgehog in the world” is actually always smiling since it’s a felted doll Nov.

Puns + breakfast = love

This pin shows the pun of a spoon being a cereal killer, as in you eat cereal with a spoon, thus your killing it. Humour like this tickles my funny bone and makes me truly happy because it is my favourite type of humour.

Snowman mailbox

This is a great idea! These people made a snowman around the mailbox. The mailbox is the mouth of the snowman. I bet the mailman smiled when he put the mail in this one! How could you not smile?


no illegals = no burritos? Now now America. I need my burritos. And tacos. And enchiladas. Let us keep the illegals bc I need my Mexican food, mmk America?