Infographic highlighting the use of digital, mobile, apps, and professional resources online by US oncologists (source: Digital Insights Group).

EMR possesses complex applications, training is must handle these difficult applications of EMR software For More Information Visit: http://nortecehr.blogspot.com/2014/03/training-for-better-emr-practices.html

The switch to the electronic health record software is a complete change for most of the medical organizations; it is more secure than the records on paper

The Top 7 Medical Apps for Doctors

Sick and don't want to go to the doctor? The doctor will come to you with these Uber-inspired apps where doctors make house calls.

Urgent care electronic medical records (EMR) or electronic health records (EHR) software from Practice Velocity. This video contains information that will help you decide that VelociDoc® urgent care EMR software is simply the best urgent care EMR software available to urgent care and occupational medicine clinics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fS5zJV92xvY #urgentcareemr #urgentcareclinics #electronichealthrecords #electronicmedicalrecords

The future of urgent care: Urgent Care EMR and Practice Management software.

@Diego Gutierrez @ehrandhit One Government EHR for All of Healthcare Over and over I hear some doctor or EHR industry person say, “Why doesn’t the government just provide one EHR for all of healthcare?” Usually this is followed by some suggestion that the government has invested millions (or is it billions?) of dollars in the Vista EHR software and they should just make that the required national EHR.

New EHR Attestation Deadline for Eligible Professionals: March 2014

Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Health Apps - Capterra Blog

Comprehensive introduction to mobile health apps, who uses them, what doctors think about them, and their effects on patient health.

Benefits of EMR Software. #EMRSoftware

The premium ultrabook of acer by Mashii Hajim, via Slideshare

Dragon Medical Practice 2 with Plantronics Savi Go - for wireless comfort and dictation to your EMR system. Call us today at 800-597-6600 - Free shipping - Free Support - Free Training

Dragon Medical Practice 2 with Wireless Headset - Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

Dragon Medical Practice 2 with Plantronics Savi Go

Dragon Medical Practice 2 with Wireless Headset - Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2