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two pictures showing how to clean an ice chest and keep it cool in the house
DIY Professional Fog Chiller! - TeeDiddlyDee
Make spooky, low lying Halloween fog with an easy DIY professional fog chiller!
a room with neon blue walls and ghost decorations on the door, in front of an open doorway that says turn back now
10 Easy DIY Black Light Halloween Decorations
Create glow in the dark messages with laundry detergent
a cemetery with tombstones, graves and a statue of a skeleton in the middle
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20 Halloween Houses That Totally Nailed It | BlazePress
the cover of make a spooky transparente bridge by teddally dee
DIY Spooky Transparent Bridge - TeeDiddlyDee
Make a SPOOKY Transparent Bridge for Halloween - This is sooo awesome! We are going to have to try this!
the steps are covered with towels and other items
Concrete Lighted Step-Spook
Concrete Lighted Step Spook Madebybarb Feature2
an old church with a skeleton statue in front of it and a gated entrance
Mausoleum is finished - Page 2
a freind from work gave me a bunch of grapevines he cut down in his yard. I decided to add another creepy element to the prop
a plastic container with several pipes in it
Day 10: Fog Machine Chiller; a guest post
Fog machine chiller. Keeps fog closer to the ground and it sticks around longer
a creepy skeleton sitting on the steps next to a bag
previous pinner said: Dummy creation, turned out very well.
a white mannequin head sitting on top of a metal wire stand with hair hanging from it's sides
An old doll head or mask and a tomato cage...add a creepy night gown and you have a great prop. Add a light underneath the gown to add an eerie glow.
a large pile of white stuff sitting on top of a table next to a can
Halloween tree stump with moving ax. In process build.