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there are many plates and cups in the dishwasher drawer that is open to show them
Nordic style ceramic retro matte household bowls and plates set Design, Retro, Ceramic Dinnerware Set, Dishware Sets, Kitchenware Set, Ceramic Dishware, Ceramic Dish Set, Kitchen Plates Set, Dishware
Household matte ceramic bowls and plates set/kitchen decor/kitchen appliances/home decor/rice bowl
an open cabinet above a kitchen sink filled with lots of different types of food items
the table is set with silverware and glass dishes, including one that has flowers in it
Tea set 🫖🤍
kitchen utensils are sitting on a cutting board
a pink shelf filled with lots of personal care items next to a white tiled wall
a shelf filled with dishes and cups on top of a table next to a pair of pink slippers
a table topped with plates and bowls filled with saucers, cups and spoons