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Martial Arts - Muay Thai - Visit CageCult for more #MMA inspired fashion designs and accessories for #MixedMartialArts fighters and #UFC fight fans:

Muay Thai knee strike refers to fighting and also the eight limbs. In Muay Thai the eight limbs are very vital as they are the key to fighting, this picture shows the knee limb which connects with the piece of work that I am doing. The layout of this knee

To Love You - Love Quotes

MilesnKimmy Just this morning you told me you just want me to hold you.that you need and love me. We are so blessed. Our love is so pure. Always and forever. I will die in your arms.

A bit Manga but not lots. Maybe do hair like Manga hair, but the rest normal. Pose could be a bit more Egon and less creepy-Manga-coy.

maid-en-china: “Speed paint practice on color and lighting~ In other news, I’ll be at Kraken Con this October :D and the Axent Wear Kickstarter should be out in a week or less!


Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki transformation gif based on another gif which I can't find right now

yahari ore no seishun lovecome wa machigatteiru

breasts candy collared shirt food grey eyes hair bun headlock jacket lollipop nao (qqqbb) necktie open clothes open eyes open jacket red hair shirt short hair skirt small breasts solo yahari ore no seishun lovecome wa machigatteiru. yuigahama yui - I