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a pair of white shoes sitting on top of a colorful rug next to a shoelace
Easy Decoupage Fabric Rug
Easy Decoupage Fabric Rug
someone is using a dispenser to clean their teeth for pennies on a pink towel
DIY Homemade Bleach Pen - So easy to make!
an older woman is holding up a jacket made out of old clothes and buttons on a mannequin
Kantha Hoodie — Butterick 6863
several pairs of jeans are stacked on top of each other in front of a wooden floor
Floral Jeans Cuffs
someone is stitching an applique flower onto fabric
Liberty Fabric Applique Embellished Jeans
someone is using a pair of scissors to cut out a star on a piece of fabric
⭐️Star Cutout Patch⭐️ #sewing #diyer #costura #sewinghacks #hacks #lifehacks #costurafacil #howtosew #costuracreativa… | Instagram
the top 20 + creative ways to mend a hole in jeans and sweaters
How to mend a hole - 20+ creative inspiration & tutorials
an old pair of jeans with flowers painted on them and ripped off the back pocket
Just some lil flowers 😁
an embroidered piece of cloth with blue leaves on the front and back, sitting on top of a wooden table
Aplicación de jeans