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Fixing the First Pull: 3 Tips for a Better Snatch

Fixing the first pull: 3 tips for a better snatch. Very helpful guidelines for snatches and what to avoid! I needed this

Honey, did you "clean" the plates? :P "Training starts in the kitchen. Can't out train bad caloric intake. Choose foods that will fuel yor body, not.

(wish this was grammatically correct!) "Your opinion IS irrelevant to me because you don't CrossFit" One of the best CF ecards I've come across so far ;

Here are twenty things for you to think about and implement next time youre practicing your clean and jerk. Twenty little things can make a huge difference in your performance.

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Homeland: The Complete First Season - Hailed as TV's best new drama by critics everywhere, the award-winning HOMELAND* delivers compelling characters, thrilling twists and breathtaking suspense. Carrie Mathison (Golden Glober winner Claire Danes), a

I'll Be Irish In  Few Beers Buttons

I'll Be Irish In Few Beers Buttons

Crossfit good cult

Is Crossfit a cult? I'd say we are more like a tribe - a group of people with a common character and goal. (On the other hand, I did drink the Crossfit Kool-Aid, and it was delicious!