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Two of the best times to keep your mouth shut is either when swimming or when mad. #Afrikaans

Ons Here! | | O, Moedertaal O, Soetste Taal Jou het ek lief bo alles | Piketberg. Mammon. Doringhout. Sarkasme. Boeremeisie. Hou Koers. ESKOM. Glimlag. Skaterlag. Gesin. Familie. Drive-in. Danie Gerber. Kaalvoet kind. Ek was vir 'n rukkie, ook 'n bietjie lief vir jou. Koningskind. Bosveld. Konsentrasiekamp. Tannie Esme. Bekkie. Modder rivier. Sannie. Ma weet mos. Springbokkies. Amos. Vagekierie. Gewente. Skrobbering. Klawerhok. Nagbraker. Leuenfabriek.

I'm not Afrikaans speaking but I'm still pretty chuffed that I can converse readily in it, read and understand it. Its quite cool to speak a second language. Even if its only spoken here in SA. Thats why I've pinned this. :-)

Now shut the fuck up and go to sleep. We all know your lazy ass needs to get up early and attempt to fix the fugly face to be semi presentable. Ugly in color as he puts it. Smh old ass hags like you wake up grouchy as hell.