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OUR SEOUL’S SIGNAGE: STREET ART    This is a continuation of my previous posts on signs in Seoul. These photos have been grouped together here as they are more forms of street art and graffiti art than straight forward signs.    I enjoyed them, hope you do too. They are quirky and I enjoy their sense of humour. #korea #seoul #streetart

Our Seoul’s Signage: Street Art

A HIKING WE WILL GO…    In Autumn (which is an incredibly short period of time in Korea compared to the long winters and summers) I went hiking with one of co-workers. We went to a little mountain range on the northern outskirts of Seoul. We just stepped out of a subway exit and were there. We could have bought an entire outfit and all the hiking gear that on could/would need to climb Everest. Seems that people don’t mind being over-prepared…

A Hiking We Will Go…

SEOUL’S SEOLLAL STREETS    Yesterday I wandered the frigid of Soul (having an alone date) and worked on my Street Photography. It’s Lunar New Year (Seollal or Solnal) and the streets reflect a mix of Korea’s tradition and it’s modernity.    I used my iPhone 4s and the ‘Camera+’ app. I used the ‘cross process’ filter on these shots and added ‘clarity’. I took these in Insadong and Myeongdong .    Here are results of my boldness.

Seoul’s Seollal Streets

On Saturdays in Korea, in the area around Hongdae artistic expression rises up in a great wave which comes crashing into life, caricature, jewellery, clothes, paintings, postcards, shoes, toys and music. All of the photos below are of sellers or buyers at the Artist Market in Hongdae's park.

Hongdae’s Artists

LEICA LOVE    So… I under-estimated the material that I had for my posts on the Street Photography workshop that I attended.

Leica love

WHEELS OF SEOUL    Sometimes you can be over-whelmed when it comes to take photographs and at other times you may struggle to find coherence, meaning or inspiration in your snapping.     One way to get out of a rut is to choose a specific focus for your photographs. Taking a photo walk with a topic, colour, theme, technique or specific object in mind really focuses you. When you have a focus for your photos you can play around with other aspects of the shot.

Wheels of Seoul

I love this little pic. It;s so merry, happy and joyful. I just like the idea of all these people doing what they love and loving what they do. That's what is on my mind of late and I hope that I find my own dream job.

Love and love what you do.

DISJOINTED    The weather has been dark and menacing of late, as have the people. This limbo before true spring; and the reassuring promise of renewed life; leaves a sense of loss for some unknown thing, restlessness, anxiety and aimlessness. Like unfinished sentences hanging in the air, the people of Seoul seem to have run out of will to complete. The twist of hands, haggard faces, ill ease in the streets; all show the stress lines where cracks have formed.  #streetphotography #seoul #korea


CLOSE TO ME    These are some imperfect shots of people that I really care about, so I love them. I grouped them together as a mini-homage to some amazing times with my friends while we were in Korea.    I like this song to go with them, it’s a great mix of nostalgia and fondness.    This is my dear friend Jon, he is an incredible person and he inspires me to go after what I want in life.

Close to me


Kiff Konglish