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Teens spend to much time escaping the real world. People spend hours of sleep on video games

How is your vision affected by your everyday life? This useful infographic tells all!

How The Digital World Is Impacting Your Vision

Nearly of Americans get eye strain from reading on electronic devices. Here are 6 symptoms of eye strain and what you can do about them. National Eye Institute, NIH www.

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e strive to keep our business model sleek with a low overhead and less support staff to provide longer patient appointments and more access to medical providers for our patients

Digital Citizenship Class: Hex 2-8: Digital Health & Wellness

of office workers experience health problems as a result of technology. Here's what they suffer from, by the numbers.

Do you have digital eye strain?

Do you have digital eye strain? We've put together a informative and fun infographic to give you all the info on computer vision syndrome.

7 Things You're Doing At Your Desk That Give You Eye Strain #Infographic #EyeStrain #Health

7 Things You're Doing At Your Desk That Give You Eye Strain [Infographic]

7 Things You’re Doing At Your Desk That Will Give You Eyestrain (Infographic)

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Infographic showing how to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in the office, using a few simple preventative measures.

#Infografia ¿Pasas mucho tiempo frente a ordenadores y tabletas? Conoce cómo mantener la salud de tus ojos. #eSalud #tecnologia

Do you spend hours a day staring at a computer? Check out these tips on keeping your eyes healthy at work.

The consumer and clinical markets are set to collide. This means communicators will have to meet new consumer expectations. (June 2015)

Patient Engagement: How the Colossal Clash Will Disrupt the Digital Health Landscape—Infographic - Clinical and consumer design principles are colliding to create a new era of digital health solutions.

What are you reading this on? A smartphone? A computer? Your fancy smart refrigerator? Your Nintendo DS? A Sidekick? A Motorola RAZR? Have you gone way back in time and loaded up a WAP browser on a Nokia 7110? Look, I'm not here to bore you by naming a bunch of seemingly unconnected devices just…

Are The Many Screens in Our Lives Hurting Our Eyes?

Is Digital Screen Generation Going Blind? What Can You Do To Protect Your Eyes?

Pharmacy practice includes more traditional roles such as dispensing medications and compounding, and it also includes more contemporary services related to health care, as well as clinical services, reviewing medications for safety and efficiency, and providing drug information.

Desk Ergonomics: Posture Tips to Stay Happier & Healthier at Work [Infographic]