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STRETCH MARKS ON BREAST: HOW TO REMOVE THEM......To effectively treat stretch marks on your breast, simply follow these few steps and it will surely disappear permanently! It requires patience and daily application in order to succeed. But before you start, here’s a list of the things you will need:  Collagen based lotion, Exfoliating cream, Vitamin E liquid (oil), Damp towel, Hot water....Read more.....KUR Spa NYC

Breast Stretch Mark Guide: How to Take them off . I know I'll be glad to have pinned this one day !

Wedding Dessert Table

How to create a gorgeous vintage inspired wedding dessert bar! Some good ideas for baby showers. The last pic - use kids book pages to make a backdrop.

A dessert table.

Strawberries, lemons, and delicious deserts: the perfect recipe for summer! Couture Events used the bright and cheerful colors of pink and yellow to create this bohemian inspired strawberry lemonade wedding.