The DH Dog-Rectors

These are the 4 dogs that run the show!! Catch a glimpse of their lives filled with fashion and fun. Meet: Axel, Rose, Slash & Gilby....showing you what rockstars are made of
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Axel - The Managing Dog-Rector (think big boss, mob boss.....)

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Slash....secretly he is a GANGSTA

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Rose - Our Fashionista. Read her story here:

Slash our "gardener" making headlines with the human owner of Doggie Hillfigher

Gilby....the adopted child with questionable genes. Keeping everyone grounded.

Gilby - our very own Queen of Chaos

Rose, showing like minded fashionistas how to pull off yellow

A day in the DH Office.....

These 4 can make a LOT of washing....try putting something dirty on Rose's fancy ass....

The fashionista Rose...she even turns blankies into fashion....

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